Our Development Process

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Part 1: Project Origins and Funding

The video above explains the origins of the software project Learn Green Buildings. We get into the people behind the project, the goals and the funding. Download this video

Part 2: Inspiration

This video above shows some of the inspiration behind the Learn Green Buildings software project. I show the Kuda WebGL 3D engine along with some examples from SRI International. I then go on to show some video games that are inspiring to the project. Download this video

Part 3: Preproduction

This video shows documents created during the preproduction process. It covers the information architecture documents including simple diagrams and the mockflow diagrams.Download this video

Part 4: 3D Asset Creation

Andrew Scully walks us through the process of 3D asset creation in Lightwave. He describes the different geometries that he has created and his workflow for the project. Download this video

Part 5: The Alpha Prototype

I go over the current functionality of the Alpha version. Download this video